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Friday, 9 June 2017


Safety First
Originally, a Vehicle Restraint along with a Rubber Wheel Chock was not holding the trailer tight enough against the wall. There had been a few instances where the trailer had shifted ahead, causing the dock lip to fall off the trailer. The lift struck would then get stuck between the trailer and the dock leveler.
Loading-Dock-Safety-Accessories | Wheel Chock and Vehicle Restraint, Guelph | Wilcox Door
Therefore, a Wheel Chock System was installed, successfully holding trucks in place during loading and unloading. This system replaces a vehicle restraint and wheel chock and is more durable and reliable.
Wheel-Chock-Safety-System-Ground-Plate | Loading Dock Safety Accessories | Wilcox Door
The system is built into the ground with a large steel chock mounted on an articulated, counterbalanced arm. The chock is then placed in front of the rear wheel and locks onto a ground plate. Three sensors, an alarm and signal lights provide employees and truck drivers when it is safe to begin loading/unloading into and out of the truck.
Loading-Dock-Safety-Accessories | Wheel Chock Safety System Installation | Wilcox Door
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