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Friday, 9 June 2017


Equipment Longevity
This client had a regular overhead sectional door but it simply wasn't the right solution for the amount of times it was being used.

Overhead-Sectional-Industrial-Door | Sectional Overhead Door Replacement, Toronto | Wilcox Door

In high traffic buildings, Rubber Doors are often recommended to reduce wear on typical overhead doors. These are especially useful in parking garages where traffic is consistent and the doors and can withstand impact in the event of an accident.

Rubber-Parking-Garage-Door | Parking Garage Doors, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Additional steel work was also involved to build support for the new Rubber door. Due to the tight fit with minimal side room clearance, concrete curbs had to be cut in order to make additional room. All in all, a successful installation! 

High-Cycle-Parking-Garage-Doors | Overhead Rubber Parking Garage | Wilcox Door
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