Do Fire Doors need to be Maintained and Tested?

The purpose of a Fire Door is to ensure that if a fire starts in one area, it cannot travel or progress to another area. It acts as a barrier in which the blaze cannot cross. They are designed to close when a fire is detected either by electrical or mechanical means. As you can imagine, their operation is absolutely critical to ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Not to mention the valuable products/building.
Do Fire Doors need to be maintained and tested? Absolutely! As with any mechanical device, it is imperative that they are checked, lubricated, adjusted and drop-tested annually.
Fire Doors only serve their purpose if they work! Maintenance and testing includes three components: a visual check, operational check and a drop test.
Visual Check - involves ensuring all components of the door are intact and installed correctly. Technicians complete this first to ensure that when the door is in operation, no unsafe conditions will occur.
Operational Check - ensures that the door opens and closes in the manner in which it was designed. Any issues are to be corrected at this time.
Drop Test - the door is now tested to ensure that it "drops" to the closed position when it is released (either mechanically or electrically), as should happen when a fire is present. The technicians ensure that all the components work together as designed and the door closes in a safe manner. Any deficiencies to be corrected at this time.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates that all Fire Doors are to be maintained no less than once a year (NFPA-80 compliance). Keep in mind that your local Fire Prevention Office or insurance company may demand that the doors be tested more frequently.
Fire Doors are a proven way to prevent deadly fire from progressing and endangering people and property. Again, they are only effective if in proper working order.
Maintenance and testing are key to ensuring they do what they were designed and installed for - to save lives!
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