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Oakville Hockey Development (OHD) Program "Skill Builder", Town of Oakville
At Wilcox, we've implemented a new volunteer program for our employees to get involved in the community. This employee, in particular, has gone above and beyond!
Technical Sales Manager, Tony Wong, has volunteered as a hockey instructor with the OHD for 10 years. Specifically, Tony coaches the multi-level skills acquisition program: "Try out the sport or learn more about the game. Perfect for children entering or playing house league hockey. We'll provide three levels of drills and skills instruction and a 1:10 instructor ratio. Instructors emphasize personal achievement and participation! Full equipment including a neck guard and a mouth guard are mandatory. All players must also wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet and cage. This is an introductory level hockey course but some prior skating ability is required. Age: 6-12" "He ensures that the students are taught proper skating and h…


Welcome to the Wilcox FitBit Challenge!
New Year, New Goals. A common resolution is to be more active, eat healthier and overall, become more fit. What better way to do that than with a friendly office competition? We've divided everyone that has a FitBit (or similar device) into two teams. Both teams are a mixture of our Mississauga and Hamilton offices.  This competition starts on Monday at 12:01 AM, ending on Friday at 11:59PM. Each team has a leader that is responsible for posting the total number of steps by noon each day. This will allow both teams to know where they stand and see if they can out-do each other. The team leader will post final scores by Saturday and the winning team will be revealed next week! Stay tuned to see this competition unveil. Good luck to all participants & Happy Stepping! Team leader Sara sent this video to her teammates to get the ball rolling! "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go... Keep Walking!!…