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Thursday, 17 November 2016


What's worse than getting bugs into a Food & Drug facility?
Not much at all! In this case, a Bug Blocker Door was installed to ensure bugs, dust or debris are kept out of the facility during busy delivery times. Typically, you'll see blue bug doors that can be installed in front or behind regular warehouse shipping doors.
As mentioned, these are a great addition to any facility that experiences high delivery times. Sectional doors can be kept open and the wear from constantly opening and closing the doors is drastically reduced by using the Bug Blocker Doors in their place.
Why use these instead of regular Bug Doors? They're Food & Drug-approved and installed in front of the door opening. This unit is also complete with brush weatherstripping to help further keep out insects.
Whether you have a big or small facility, Bug Doors are ideal sectional door add-on's. Ventilate your warehouse space, decrease the wear and tear on your doors especially during busy delivery times and keep out dirt, debris and bugs. Although ideal for the warmer months, fall is also a great time to utilize bug doors. Even in the winter months, a little fresh air never hurt anyone! 

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