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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Cantilever-Dock-Leveler-Installation | Dock Leveler Building Construction Mississauga | Wilcox Door

Conventional Dock Levelers are installed inside the building into a pit like the picture of the blue leveler to the left. An opening is cut and once the leveler is placed inside, concrete is poured around the unit to secure it.

Below, we have an example of an Edge of Dock Replacement in Toronto. These are typically installed on the exterior of a building for loading dock areas with limited space.

Weathered-Edge-of-Dock | Edge of Dock Leveler Toronto | Wilcox Door
Before Replacement
Edge of Dock Levelers are quick and easy to operate. After loading/unloading is complete and the truck has backed away, the leveler actually returns back to it's stored position. Important elements of any dock leveler include dock bumpers and in this case, block risers to align the bumpers with the leveler. These are the black rectangles with 2 holes on either side of the leveler, used to protect the building structure from truck impacts.

Edge-of-Dock-Replacement | Edge of Dock Leveler with Bumpers | Wilcox Door
After Replacement
Interested in a product like this for your facility? Be sure to let a representative know what load capacities you typically receive too as this is crucial to choosing the right dock leveler. Whether your loading dock area lacks space or can fit a full dock leveler, there's a solution to suit any space!

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