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Friday, 2 September 2016


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Recently, we installed Foam Frame Shelters in a Mississauga warehouse loading dock that was in an open area where high winds and debris are common. Aside from it's location, our client needed a solution that would accommodate 5 tonne and regular transport trucks.

Why install Foam Frame Shelters as opposed to regular Dock Seals? The trailer is able to pass through the side and top curtains, allowing full access during loading and unloading. For this particular installation, we needed to seal the gap between the shelter and the wall to prevent rain, wind or any debris from coming through due to the ridges on the building.

Think of how much more dry and warm the loading dock area will be especially in the winter; both for the driver and the warehouse staff. Even the products will be safe from any water damage.

What if the truck driver backs in off-centre, impacting the dock seals? These vertical pads can resist damage and return to their original form. Pretty neat, right? Another great feature is that the side curtains can be removed during the summer months to allow air flow into the building and prolong the life of the unit.

The Foam Frame Shelter was a no-brainer for this client as they have constant deliveries from differing truck sizes. Since air will no longer leak through around the trucks, they'll save money on heating and cooling costs. Therefore, their return on investment will come that much sooner!

As an added bonus, an Enbridge rebate was issued upon installation of this foam shelter, decreasing the cost of this new upgrade. Contact us to learn how you, too can save!
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