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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Secured Facility - Cantilever Gates
Haldimand County, Ontario

Our recent project was to provide a solution to secure this site conveniently. Since it was a closed facility and no longer in use, security was key to prevent public access. However, truck drivers had to stop at the gates, get out of their truck and unlock the gate for access to the facility. When they were finished, the drivers would then have to stop on the way out and lock the gates.

Issue: Since the drivers didn't close the gates right after entering the site, it was left unsecured while they were inside working. Occasionally, the drivers would forget to stop and close the gates and Even when they did close the gate, they were left to wrestle with large, heavy gates just to shut them. 

Solution: A radio-controlled Automated Sliding Cantilever Gate was installed where the drivers could open the gate via transmitter.

If the driver doesn't close the gate right after entering, it will close automatically after about a minute. A set of thru-beam photo cells were also installed to ensure that the gate doesn't close on anyone or anything. Here you can see the trenching beginning with the pipelines:

This facility will now be much more secure as drivers don't need to worry about whether or not they remembered to close the gate. Drivers can come in and out of the site without leaving their trucks, increasing overall productivity!

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