We all know warehouses can get a bit messy during everyday tasks especially during shipping and receiving. That doesn't mean it can't get back to being spick & span! Keeping your warehouse clutter-free will increase day-to-day functionality and increase safety by reducing tripping hazards and improve the well-being of your staff.
Who doesn't like a clean work space, right?

Make your warehouse a better place by regularly doing the following:

 Educate staff on spill clean-up
Our top tip is to ensure your workers are trained in cleaning hazardous material spills. Aside from cleaning them properly, floors are to be kept free of clutter and all containers to be closed securely after use.

 Dirt & dust sweep 
Whether you keep your doors closed or have screen doors to reduce dust, you'll always have a bit of dirt lying around your warehouse floors. Always keep mops and push brooms accessible wherever necessary. Whether from someone's shoes or some old boxes, a little sweeping never hurt anyone!

 Keep your equipment clean 
Inspect equipment like Forklifts that are often used as a cup holder for coffee and water bottles. Ensure your workers keep equipment free of clutter and place them off to the side when not in use.

 Empty garbage bins regularly 
How many times have you seen garbage bins overflowing on city streets? Not only is this a safety hazard, but an eyesore as well. Make a habit of emptying the garbage before it's full. Also depending on your facility, try keeping recycling bins readily accessible to cut back on regular garbage waste.

 Assign clean-up zones 
Especially for large warehouses, it's ideal to set aside zones for employees to keep clean. Ensure areas are cleaned during slow days or before the end of shift so the warehouse is tidy for the next workday. Whether this includes emptying the garbage, sweeping or washing the floors, clean-up is easier when everyone contributes!

Warehouse-Organization-Tips | Home Depot Pegboard Organization | Wilcox Door
Wall Organizer, Home Depot

 Keep regular tools accessible 
A pegboard/wall organizer is an ideal way to keep your tools out where everyone can see them. This will keep things from going missing and cut back on wasted time looking for that one tool. 

We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what clean-up tasks you have at your workplace.


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