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We all know warehouses can get a bit messy during everyday tasks especially during shipping and receiving. That doesn't mean it can't get back to being spick & span! Keeping your warehouse clutter-free will increase day-to-day functionality and increase safety by reducing tripping hazards and improve the well-being of your staff.
Who doesn't like a clean work space, right?
Make your warehouse a better place by regularly doing the following:

Educate staff on spill clean-up
Our top tip is to ensure your workers are trained in cleaning hazardous material spills. Aside from cleaning them properly, floors are to be kept free of clutter and all containers to be closed securely after use.
Dirt & dust sweep  Whether you keep your doors closed or have screen doors to reduce dust, you'll always have a bit of dirt lying around your warehouse floors. Always keep mops and push brooms accessible wherever necessary. Whether from someone's shoes or some old boxes, a little swe…


Safety always comes first! 
It's important to realize that accidents happen no matter what type of facility you're in or the type of equipment you use. However, we're here to help ensure that risk is minimized.

Loading Dock Hazards
Facility equipment in poor working order can pose a safety risk and must be fixed before it becomes a larger issue. Recognize the following:
-uneven surfaces
-inadequate lighting
-lack of safe working procedures
-congestion and traffic
-hazards associated with lifting devices, trucks, rolling conveyors, doors and other moving equipment and parts.

Along with regular inspections by warehouse staff, it's important to have a professional Planned Maintenance Service completed to comply with insurance regulations and ensure utmost safety.

Controlling Hazards
Each dock installation must be carefully designed to avoid hazards whenever possible. 
-allow safe entry and exit of vehicles.
-safe routes must be marked around loading dock areas for pedestrian traffic.