Is your front door starting to crack?
Have you noticed stains or damage due to harsh weather conditions?

Does your door look obsolete compared to the latest models?

Then it's time to replace your front door! As you know, front doors do not only act as a safeguard for your family but also add curb appeal. Since the replacement process can be overwhelming, we'll help you through with some tips to keep in mind.

TIP #1 Get your door's proper measurement.
Although it seems obvious, many still purchase the wrong door size for their house. Use the old door as a template to get the correct measurements and replace the new door in the existing door jamb. Important elements in your door include:
  • Height and width of your door
  • Door jamb: take note of the spaces you need to spare for the hinges
  • Exterior opening: including the overall exterior casing
  • Approximate opening width: varies depending on the type of door
TIP #2 Pick a good door for replacement. 
What are you trying to achieve with your new door?
  • Are you renovating or changing your house style?
    Pick a door that will match the overall aura. For example, if you are going for a modern look, a sliding glass door would be better suited than a wooden door.
  • Are you replacing a broken door?
    Choose the same design you previously had with higher quality and more durability. It's okay to choose a new brand as long as you keep within your budget.
TIP #3 Inspect your new door's accessories.
What does your new door include? Even simplistic door designs can come with useful accessories such as automatic locks, one-way glass mirrors, tinted French glass or a dog hole. Depending on what your personal needs are, you can bargain a good price for a door with a good component system.

TIP #4 Recycle your old door.
Try using it in other projects such as creating wall decorations, a dog house wall or use them to barricade holes in a fence.

TIP #5 Use an experienced contractor.
This will ensure that your door is high-quality, secure and the process is stress and hassle-free. Working with a contractor allows you to make your door one of a kind and add in features to better suit your needs.


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