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Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Why hire a professional to install doors on your home?
In an effort to save money, we typically install our own doors on our house. Some choose DIY projects to achieve a certain style of door. How hard could it be, right?
Our doors serve as an important element of our house. They shield our family from intruders and protect the house while you're away. For these reasons alone, we suggest installations be done by a professional door service to ensure a seamless process.

Door Safety
Before you consider a DIY project, understand that this could pose safety risks if not installed correctly. Ensure you have the right materials and that it is insulated and attached properly. Of course we have faith in you but we don't want the installation causing you more time, money and headache than necessary!

Save Yourself the Frustration of Installation
Have you installed a door and noticed empty spaces between the door and the jamb? Constant patchwork never seems to leave it looking like you had hoped. Design the door of your dreams and add character to your home with the help of experienced door builders.

Residential-Door-Installation-Tips | Wilcox Door
Expand your Options
Be open-minded when it comes to the style of your new door. This will open a whole world of options that will bring life to your home. Even if you have a specific door design in mind, the right door professional can advise you of how to take your idea to the next level while still keeping your budget in mind.

As this isn't an upgrade you will be making frequently in your home, be sure to explore all designs, materials and types of doors to find the best door for you!

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