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Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Gate-Installation | Residential or Commercial Gates | Wilcox Door

Finding your Perfect Gate, The Wilcox Way!
Have you noticed that gates come in many different styles and designs? That's because every gate has a different purpose. We've put some tips together on how to properly secure your home or property with dynamic curb appeal.

Buying a gate is like shopping for a specific occasion, determining how you will dress for it. In purchasing a gate, you too need to determine what purpose it will serve, whether for home security, a barricade from loud neighbours or to protect your plants. A wood or steel fence provides security whereas a picket fence is suitable for shielding plants. Knowing the purpose of your gate will determine what type of materials should be used such as steel, iron, aluminum or wood.


Don't buy what you can't afford. If you find the perfect gate that is out of budget. Try to find a similar alternative within your price range. However, if you need a specific gate but your budget is tight, make arrangements with your contractor and agree on a payment plan. Otherwise, start saving for your dream gate now and purchase it later on!

Gate Styles

Match the style of gate to your home. For example, if you're trying to achieve a natural ambiance, a wooden fence would work better than an iron gate. Look for specific gate designs online to narrow down your vision. Determine which shape, size and colour would best suit your property. A two/three-story house is better suited to have a tall, wrought iron gate for security yet leaving space for passers-by to appreciate your property.

Looking for the perfect gate can be daunting at times with all the options available today. However, we're confident that with these tips, you'll find your perfect match in no-time!

Most importantly, ensure the gate system you choose follows UL325 Safety Standards. Learn more through our gate safety guide.

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