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Monday, 11 April 2016


Business-Elite-Canada-Wilcox-Feature | Industrial Magazine, Mississauga | Wilcox Door

Quality without Compromise  by Cheryl Long
Sometimes the simplest concept is the most effective one. At Wilcox Door, doing the job properly is one of the company’s core principles and a reason behind their outstanding success in the competitive construction sector.
The Mississauga, ON-based company has a distinguished history and an even brighter future. Dating back to 1912 when it began as Richards-Wilcox Custom Systems, once the largest manufacturer in the United States, Wilcox Door continues to lead the industry with a reputation for manufacturing and engineering excellence. The 80-employee company is best known for their cranes and custom doors, designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing products that adhere to the highest standards. That commitment to quality means they’ll search for an innovative design to meet their customers’ needs rather than rely on standardized products.
Company President and owner Bill Stewart purchased the business in 2006 when Richards-Wilcox began disassembling and selling their Canadian assets. He dropped Richards and chose the name Wilcox Door to differentiate the organization from another Richards-Wilcox door manufacturer in Mississauga owned by a U.S. firm. The two companies continue to maintain a manufacturer-distributor relationship today, and Mr. Stewart’s company still controls the Richards-Wilcox name for the crane side of the business.
“We’re a company that’s been around for a long time, we stand by our work and we have great people, and that’s really kind of the point…”
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