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CAMSC & Springfest, The Wilcox Way!
It was an event-filled month at Wilcox Door Service. From Springfest to the CAMSC Procurement Fair in Toronto, we were proud to present our services to new and existing members of the industrial community.

On April 7th, it was Wilcox's 8th year attending Springfest at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We saw many familiar faces, several of our customers and met others who were interested in utilizing our services. We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and we look forward to meeting with you in the near future!

CAMSC This marks the first year Wilcox was part of the CAMSCProcurement Fair as well as being an Innovation Sponsor. We were blown away by the organization, the people we met and the overall goal to supplier diversity in Canada and the United States. Issues of diversity in Canada and the United States. Issues of diversity procurement were presented by leaders of GM, Chrysler Fiat, Kelloggs, BMO, TD and many …


Quality without Compromise  by Cheryl Long Sometimes the simplest concept is the most effective one. At Wilcox Door, doing the job properly is one of the company’s core principles and a reason behind their outstanding success in the competitive construction sector. The Mississauga, ON-based company has a distinguished history and an even brighter future. Dating back to 1912 when it began as Richards-Wilcox Custom Systems, once the largest manufacturer in the United States, Wilcox Door continues to lead the industry with a reputation for manufacturing and engineering excellence. The 80-employee company is best known for their cranes and custom doors, designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing products that adhere to the highest standards. That commitment to quality means they’ll search for an innovative design to meet their customers’ needs rather than rely on standardized products. Company President and owner Bill Stewart purchased the business in 2006 when Richards-Wilcox bega…


Finding your Perfect Gate, The Wilcox Way! Have you noticed that gates come in many different styles and designs? That's because every gate has a different purpose. We've put some tips together on how to properly secure your home or property with dynamic curb appeal.

Buying a gate is like shopping for a specific occasion, determining how you will dress for it. In purchasing a gate, you too need to determine what purpose it will serve, whether for home security, a barricade from loud neighbours or to protect your plants. A wood or steel fence provides security whereas a picket fence is suitable for shielding plants. Knowing the purpose of your gate will determine what type of materials should be used such as steel, iron, aluminum or wood.


Don't buy what you can't afford. If you find the perfect gate that is out of budget. Try to find a similar alternative within your price range. However, if you need a specific gate but your budget is tight, make arrangements …


Protect your Home and Add Curb Appeal Gates are an essential investment for a safe property, protecting your family and possessions. Maybe you're thinking, a gate will lessen curb appeal and make my house look like less of a home. However, working with the right contractor is key building the gate perfectly designed for your home.

Research Don't choose the first company you find. Use the internet as a tool to find local contractors that provide online brochures of the products and services they offer. When comparing your options, be sure to consider the following:
Company's profile; license, qualifications, work history and client testimonials.Browse their products to see if they have the gate you're looking to install.Check if they have a local office where you can see the gates and materials.Record the company's number & email for when you're ready to contact them.Spot the Red Flags Most businesses write great reviews about their achievements, years of service…


Why hire a professional to install doors on your home? In an effort to save money, we typically install our own doors on our house. Some choose DIY projects to achieve a certain style of door. How hard could it be, right? Our doors serve as an important element of our house. They shield our family from intruders and protect the house while you're away. For these reasons alone, we suggest installations be done by a professional door service to ensure a seamless process.
Door Safety Before you consider a DIY project, understand that this could pose safety risks if not installed correctly. Ensure you have the right materials and that it is insulated and attached properly. Of course we have faith in you but we don't want the installation causing you more time, money and headache than necessary!
Save Yourself the Frustration of Installation Have you installed a door and noticed empty spaces between the door and the jamb? Constant patchwork never seems to leave it looking like you had hop…


Is your front door starting to crack?
Have you noticed stains or damage due to harsh weather conditions?

Does your door look obsolete compared to the latest models?

Then it's time to replace your front door! As you know, front doors do not only act as a safeguard for your family but also add curb appeal. Since the replacement process can be overwhelming, we'll help you through with some tips to keep in mind.

TIP #1 Get your door's proper measurement.
Although it seems obvious, many still purchase the wrong door size for their house. Use the old door as a template to get the correct measurements and replace the new door in the existing door jamb. Important elements in your door include:
Height and width of your doorDoor jamb: take note of the spaces you need to spare for the hingesExterior opening: including the overall exterior casingApproximate opening width: varies depending on the type of doorTIP #2 Pick a good door for replacement. 
What are you trying to achieve with your ne…