At some point in your life, you were likely taught about the value of a dollar. Now think of how hard you work to accumulate and save those dollars. The last thing you want to do is lose them. At Wilcox Door, we provide you with the best industrial door or loading dock solution to improve facility functionality. Whether it's a high speed door, a dock leveler built to support your product shipments, fencing/security, or regulating airflow with HVLS Fans and more, we're here to help! 

"But I don't have a huge budget." We'll help you work within your budget to provide the best solution for your facility. But keep in mind, “buying cheap merchandise to save money is like stopping a watch to save time.” We examine what products will make your return on investment (ROI) come much quicker. Therefore, a higher quality product will save you on repairs, sudden part replacements and rapid wear & tear. But not to worry, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. See how our client learned this the hard way.

For years, trucks at their facility didn't wait for the Overhead Sectional Door to open or close, leaving the company to constantly pay for the repair costs. The client decided to have a High-Speed Rubber Door installed on the exterior of the building. They understood that if they continued to simply repair the door, the problem would disappear momentarily and continue to cost their company more money in the future. This was more durable product that would better suit their needs and budget. It seems to be paying off already!
Exterior-mounted-rubber-door | Sectional Door Upgrade | Wilcox Door
Exterior mounted Rubber Door

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Instead of throwing the old door away, we understood that the client allocated a lot of money into that valuable piece of equipment. We decided to keep the door as a back-up to the newly-installed Rubber Door. The Sectional Door remains in the open position inside of the building in the event that something goes wrong with the exterior door so it can still be closed for security. After all was said and done, our customer was more than satisfied with where their money had been spent. They were able to make a smart investment by choosing to upgrade as well as protecting their original door.

Is your facility running as efficiently as it could be? Maybe your doors aren't opening quick enough or equipment is worn due to lack of maintenance. We'd like to help! Learn how to increase your equipment efficiency and how you can save on energy costs.
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