Have you ever moved residences and experienced the challenge of fitting a large piece of furniture through a tiny elevator, stairwell or door frame? I bet you thought to yourself “I wish this space was just a foot wider, everything would be so much easier.” 

Wilcox Door had a client with this exact issue in their work space. Our client had a 16’ door frame but had taken on a new contract that required them to widen their existing doors. The client also required new doors as the existing steel sectional doors in place were being de-laminated from the inside heaters above them. So what did they do next? 

Damaged-Sectional-Door | Wilcox Door
Original sectional door before replacement.
Initial Plan
Wilcox was called for the job! We determined a width that would best suit their unique needs. Our certified techs then widened the existing frame from 16′ wide to 20′ wide to allow larger objects to easily transition through the passage. We removed the old beam and put the wall support in place. Next, we cut the wall and channel to insert a new lintel for the expansion. Once the wall was expanded and the new lintel was in place, we were able to install the doors.

Wilcox inspected the de-lamination heater issue and supplied and installed Rolling Steel Doors to replace the existing doors our client had as they were better suites for the applications they were handling compared to Sectional Doors.

Rolling-Steel-Door | Wilcox Door
Final product with Adjusted Opening
Size and Rolling Steel Installed
Rolling Steel doors generally have heavier duty, sustainable construction and mounting advantages. Not to mention, with the customer’s investment in mind, Wilcox wanted to supply them with the most cost-effective solution possible. These doors are built to last for lifetime of the building low maintenance costs and a heavy-duty steel curtain that protects and seals against rust and freezing.

It is crucial to meet deadlines while considering our client’s business in coordinating the project around their production schedule.

All things considered, we were able to widen the door while keeping the business up and running in the most effective means possible. Our client was satisfied and no longer had to figure out different ways of getting products through their doors.


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