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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


There comes a point when companies realize that their existing equipment doesn’t fulfill their job requirements anymore. Like a seasoned hockey player, one day you'll have to hang up the jersey for good. Recently, Wilcox was approached by a customer who needed to upgrade their existing compressors to handle an increased capacity. Their current compressor (installed by Wilcox in 1988) had a weight capacity of 6.8 tonnes that needed to be upgraded to an 11 tonne crane.
Custom-Crane-Installation | Crane Upgrade 1988 | Wilcox Door
The original crane, installed by Wilcox in 1988.

During the process, we had to ensure the 11 tonne crane was specified and approved while the materials were being ordered and delivered before the month's end. Without a doubt, we were able to find an innovative solution to get the job completed on schedule and allow usage during the last few weeks of the upgrade.

Crane-Installation | Custom Manufacturing Systems | Wilcox Door
New crane and hoist on route to the customer's site.
The success of this Crane Installation is a result of our team's hard work to meet the deadline.That being said, they're not the only ones that we owe our success to. According to our techs, the customer and their on-site crew were very pleasant to deal with, making for a smooth installation. 

With our combination of service staff and technicians, this job was executed like a well-oiled machine. Way to go team

Custom-Crane-System-Installation | Crane and Hoist | Wilcox Door
New crane and hoist installed at the customer's site.

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