In many industrial settings, cleanliness is extremely important. The state of your facility’s cleanliness is imperative with increasingly strict industry standards and regulations. At Wilcox, we have several ways to boost cleanliness and productivity in your facility. A common solution is installing Strip Curtains.
Air-Curtain-Installation | Warehouse Cleanliness, Toronto | Wilcox Door
Facility bar before the curtain installation.

One of our customers had called us with issues due to warehouse cleanliness. Road salt and dirt was coming off trucks that were unloading steel on one side of their work area. It would then travel throughout the facility and onto some of their finished products on the opposite side of the truck bay. In discussing the benefits and purpose of Strip Curtains with the client, we would without a doubt need to install these quickly.

We suggested that we should have the strip curtain 16’ high off the existing beam which was running approximately 60’ across the work area. This was installed to not only keep the salt and dirt out of their facility but also help with their duct issues. If this height didn’t work, we would need to also fill in the area above the 16’ height.
PVC-Strip-Curtain-Installation | Wilcox Door
Strip Curtain Installed
Thankfully, we did not need to fill in the above area which saved on the overall cost. The feedback from the staff in the warehouse and office was excellent. The Strip Curtains provided insulation for their warehouse and protection from the outside weather, reducing the amount of dust and salt dramatically.

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