Wilcox puts safety first! Before you consider cost, equipment quality and longevity, you may want to consider safety. No one typically slices their finger on a paper-cutter or gets metal chips in their eye but let’s face it, in our hands-on industry, accidents happen. According to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), the average number of workplace fatalities between 2000-2012 was approximately 972 per year. Construction industries accounted for 22% of fatalities, with manufacturing following at 19%.

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Since you can't walk around work in full hockey gear to protect yourself, your facility must take the necessary steps to avoid accidents. Choose an industrial service provider that has 5-Star Safety Standards, certified staff and is readily available.

All too frequently, untrained maintenance crews working on industrial equipment do not utilize the proper safety measures, thus creating a hazardous workplace. A trained field technician with the proper tools and factory parts can repair door and dock equipment with safety and precision.

Why Wilcox?
Wilcox Door employs technicians that are factory trained, CWB Welding Certified and Licensed Electricians who perform regular equipment checks to ensure proper adjustment and maintenance. We demonstrate safety compliance in our qualified fire door testing and documentation as the NFPA-80 requires annual drop-tests. Our crane and lifting device-testing guide is also lined by Ontario Health and Safety Act and Canadian Safety Board-167. These standards are essential to performing quality industrial maintenance.

Safety Products
Equip your facility with the latest safety technologies readily available to you. With such a wide variety of proactive industrial products, some employers still do not utilize them. It's no surprise that the workplace fatality rate is so high. Measures could include Air Curtains (reduce energy costs, maintain interior temperatures and reduce dust/debris) and Truck and Vehicle Restraints (lock trailers into position at the loading dock). Also crucial are the use of signal lights that communicate loading and restraint status to dock attendant and truck driver as well as Safety Bars and Knockout Doors

Product Maintenance
A company could have every safety product under the sun but what use does it have if these products are not up to date? Wires can cross, parts can snap and pieces will erode over time. Scheduled Planned Maintenance checks by an industrial professional is proven as an effective solution to test equipment, find the potential issue and address it in a timely manner. Similar to having a mechanic diagnose your car for a squealing sound, a certified technician can help protect your building's investment before the problem worsens. Safety standards are constantly fluctuating and it is our goal to keep your equipment safe for your facility and workers. Want to know the life-span of your equipment and if it's time to upgrade? Wilcox provides you with solutions catered to your unique needs.

Take Action
Workplace accidents continue to take place but with our help, the number of injuries can significantly be reduced. Spare your employees and facility the unnecessary time, money and hassle that comes with any injury. Contact us for a free consultation to ensure that your facility can increase and maintain it's safety procedures.

Go with the professionals, go with the Team at Wilcox Door Service.


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