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At Wilcox, we specialize in providing custom solutions for our customers’ unique needs. These jobs range from large scale industrial products to small solutions that help operations run smoothly. 
In this case, one of our customers was having issues with their Barrier Arm getting hit on a regular basis. This was happening because the truckers were unsure of which direction they should go and when they should stop or go. This resulted in the barrier arm getting hit several times.

After many service calls the customer agreed that we needed to come up with a different solution for the problem. Our representative had proposed a traffic light system that would control the flow of traffic from the barrier arm to the facility. With the new system in place, the customer has seen a drastic reduction in slowed traffic throughout the facility and no issues with the barrier arm getting damaged.

Another Wilcox job well done!


At some point in your life, you were likely taught about the value of a dollar. Now think of how hard you work to accumulate and save those dollars. The last thing you want to do is lose them. At Wilcox Door, we provide you with the best industrial door or loading dock solution to improve facility functionality. Whether it's a high speed door, a dock leveler built to support your product shipments, fencing/security, or regulating airflow with HVLS Fans and more, we're here to help! 

"But I don't have a huge budget." We'll help you work within your budget to provide the best solution for your facility. But keep in mind, “buying cheap merchandise to save money is like stopping a watch to save time.” We examine what products will make your return on investment (ROI) come much quicker. Therefore, a higher quality product will save you on repairs, sudden part replacements and rapid wear & tear. But not to worry, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.…


Have you ever moved residences and experienced the challenge of fitting a large piece of furniture through a tiny elevator, stairwell or door frame? I bet you thought to yourself “I wish this space was just a foot wider, everything would be so much easier.” 
Wilcox Door had a client with this exact issue in their work space. Our client had a 16’ door frame but had taken on a new contract that required them to widen their existing doors. The client also required new doors as the existing steel sectional doors in place were being de-laminated from the inside heaters above them. So what did they do next? 
Initial Plan
Wilcox was called for the job! We determined a width that would best suit their unique needs. Our certified techs then widened the existing frame from 16′ wide to 20′ wide to allow larger objects to easily transition through the passage. We removed the old beam and put the wall support in place. Next, we cut the wall and channel to insert a new lintel for the expansion. Once t…


No one ever expects a workplace emergency but you can decrease it's severity with a solid action plan. In most cases, we only address accidents when we are knee deep into the emergency. Why? Because it is out of sight, out of mind.
Plan Ahead Do you remember school fire drills as a child? While these may have been tedious they would come in handy if a fire had occurred. Similarly, your workplace should have a plan in case of an emergency, minor or monumental. A suitable arrangement made beforehand helps to relieve stress when crisis strikes.

Recently, a safety railing had been destroyed by a trailer. Our client's immediate action plan was to call Wilcox Door. Two of our licensed technicians repaired the railing to prevent any future injury that would cause the victim pain as well as costly insurance claims for their workplace. We realized that we had to act quickly and fabricate the railing ourselves in order to fix the issue as soon as possible.

What can your facility do to prepa…


Wilcox puts safety first! Before you consider cost, equipment quality and longevity, you may want to consider safety. No one typically slices their finger on a paper-cutter or gets metal chips in their eye but let’s face it, in our hands-on industry, accidents happen. According to the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), the average number of workplace fatalities between 2000-2012 was approximately 972 per year. Construction industries accounted for 22% of fatalities, with manufacturing following at 19%.

Since you can't walk around work in full hockey gear to protect yourself, your facility must take the necessary steps to avoid accidents. Choose an industrial service provider that has 5-Star Safety Standards, certified staff and is readily available.

All too frequently, untrained maintenance crews working on industrial equipment do not utilize the proper safety measures, thus creating a hazardous workplace. A trained field technician with the proper tools …


In many industrial settings, cleanliness is extremely important. The state of your facility’s cleanliness is imperative with increasingly strict industry standards and regulations. At Wilcox, we have several ways to boost cleanliness and productivity in your facility. A common solution is installing Strip Curtains.

One of our customers had called us with issues due to warehouse cleanliness. Road salt and dirt was coming off trucks that were unloading steel on one side of their work area. It would then travel throughout the facility and onto some of their finished products on the opposite side of the truck bay. In discussing the benefits and purpose of Strip Curtains with the client, we would without a doubt need to install these quickly.

We suggested that we should have the strip curtain 16’ high off the existing beam which was running approximately 60’ across the work area. This was installed to not only keep the salt and dirt out of their facility but also help with their duct issues.…


There comes a point when companies realize that their existing equipment doesn’t fulfill their job requirements anymore. Like a seasoned hockey player, one day you'll have to hang up the jersey for good. Recently, Wilcox was approached by a customer who needed to upgrade their existing compressors to handle an increased capacity. Their current compressor (installed by Wilcox in 1988) had a weight capacity of 6.8 tonnes that needed to be upgraded to an 11 tonne crane.
During the process, we had to ensure the 11 tonne crane was specified and approved while the materials were being ordered and delivered before the month's end. Without a doubt, we were able to find an innovative solution to get the job completed on schedule and allow usage during the last few weeks of the upgrade.
The success of this Crane Installation is a result of our team's hard work to meet the deadline.That being said, they're not the only ones that we owe our success to. According to our techs, the cu…